ABOUT esther

Hi! I'm Esther.  Welcome to my world of newborn and family art!

As a mother, one of my priorities is to leave my children the legacy of precious photographs of their childhood and beyond.  A collection of hand held memories that cannot be lost or degraded as technology advances, worthy to take centre stage on the walls of our home, book shelves stacked with photo albums, accessible to all of us to enjoy.

When pregnant with my eldest child, I was already engrossed in the photography industry, photographing, well everything!  But it was at this time I stumbled across newborn photography, but it was all very posed and styled which although is beautiful, it just isn't my style.  But what did move me, was importance of capturing this overwhelmingly special time in your life.  Your baby changes so quickly in those first few weeks.  I was instantly drawn to be part of this movement to capture your new baby, your family, your world at this crazy, heart bursting time of your life.