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Our first holiday in over two years. Beautiful Watergate Bay, Cornwall. The fresh sea air, the brisk cold wind, the autumn sun shining on the seasoned surfers, the children paddling in and out of rock pools dragging their fishing nets through the shallow waters, catching wet sand and seaweed. Sandcastles galore, decorated with shells and bits and bobs from the beach. Dogs running in and out of the sea, chasing footballs and kites, living their best life. Searching for shells and oh so special stones to take home as a reminder of our holiday to Watergate Bay. Wrapped up in a million layers, winter hats, scarfs, gloves, welly boots to keep the cold sea water off our cosy feet. Just as comfortable as the summer months when simple layers and flip flops did us just fine. Kites flying in the gusts of the autumnal winds. The simplest kites flew high and proud, compared to the super doper trickster kites that refused to perform a dance in the wind that day. The strength of the waves splashing onto the beach, aggressively powerful but oh so cleansing, a reminder of the beauty and power of mother nature. Hot chocolates with marshmallows as standard from the refreshment huts positioned close to the beach, tempting the sweet tooth. Salty, sandy, and windswept hair, pink cheeks, and runny noses. Always a beautiful indication of a decent afternoon at the beach. Tiring walks back to the holiday home, or bus journeys to carry our tired legs. Sessions in the hot tub, family dinners, cosy evenings and early-ish nights. Ready to do it all over again and again and again. Beautiful Watergate Bay, we can’t wait to see you again.

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