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Esther Nichols Newborn Photography Tunbridge Wells Styling

My newborn photoshoots are lifestyle sessions. You may have heard the term ‘Lifestyle Photoshoot’ and ‘Lifestyle Photographer’ a number of times, but it is not that clear what it actually means when it comes to your photoshoot. So, what better way to explain than with examples of my work!

As you can see, my style is very natural and organic. Nothing is posed or unnatural. My vision when it comes to your newborn photoshoot is always capturing your newborn and your family as you are.

When I photograph your new baby, I always capture them in their natural state. Sleeping in the arms of a family member or laying contently in their moses basket or cot. For babies under two weeks old, I like to use my pod. You can see an example of it here.

It is super soft and safe. Babies tend to feel very happy when laid in my pod. This enables me to take many photos from different angles, focusing on details. When I talk about details, I am referring to your baby’s tiny facial features, the soft hairs that grace your baby’s back. The teeny wrinkly fingers and tiny nails. Oh, and we can’t not mention your baby’s feet. Pure gorgeousness!

During your photoshoot I am always camera ready. Ready to snap away when your baby yawns or has a good stretch. After feeding when winding or change of an outfit. Interactions between mum and dad and siblings. These are all memories worth recording – the in between moments.

I like to use the master bedroom for family shots. The whole family bundled onto your bed, cuddled up and enjoying each other’s company. I usually manage to capture some lovely candid photos at this time, its always such a relaxed and fun time.

If there are young siblings involved, they always turn out to be the star of the show. And why not! It’s a hectic time and a lot of focus is on the new baby. I tend to take young siblings under my wing, they just love being helpful in the session and it’s a great way to distract and help out mum and dad.

As you will see from my work, your photoshoot takes place in the comfort of your own home. This is when some clients panic, worrying their home isn’t magazine style picture perfect. I always try and explain and reassure that the focus is on you lovely people, not your things. It’s about you gorgeous human beings and me capturing you guys in your home which is full of love. I am a light worker and when it comes to my photography, that means I follow the light. I know how to use the light with my work. Light is my camera’s best friend. And so long as you have a window or two in your home, we will be just fine.

If my style of photography sounds like a good fit with what you and your family are looking for, I would love to hear from you.

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