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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

the person behind esther nichols, newborn photography.

Ok so, I hold my hands up - the below photo is a few years old now. My daughter is now out of nappies, 6 years old (going on 26) and my son has the same size feet as me (he has big feet, I have small feet) I chose this photo as I am quite simply in love with how much emotion it evokes in me. That time in my life when my world was all about babies and toddlers. I could literally stare at it all day....

I started my business many moons ago, when my son was a baby. I grafted in between naps, and late into the evenings, and in between commuting up to London to work. What I was building, instantly became precious to me. I pour a lot of love and energy into it. I have a very straightforward focus, which is providing families with beautiful images of their family, when they welcome their new baby into their lives. Looking back at memories I have captured of my children from their newborn days to the present day, well, that just makes my heart burst! Mindfully back in those moments, soaking it all again. It's pretty precious isn't it?

My children, from day one, have been my inspiration and motivation. From the moment my eldest was born, embracing his arrival into the world. Learning how to be a mother, soaking up every minute of my new baby in the first few days, weeks, all in the chaos of this wonderful, yet overwhelming stage in life. It's life changing isn't it? It's something that, for me, is so important to document with photographs, because those moments in your new baby's first few weeks are often all a bit of a haze, as we try to navigate our way through the sleepless nights, the sore boobs, the sore bits, the crazy hormones, not to mention recovering physically from giving birth and mentally adjusting to motherhood. My goodness it is a lot!! I've been there, I can 100% relate. And so capturing this time in your life, with my lifestyle documentary style photography, does exactly this. And it's priceless. Our memories.

People! Emotion! Two of my biggest influences. For me, it is not all about the perfect lighting or perfect composition. It's about documenting moments. Real, roar emotion. Capturing souls, not just the smiles. Capturing an image that evokes huge emotions. So when you look back at your photographs, you get transported back to that moment in time. You feel what you were feeling there and then in that moment. From an artistic point of view, I am influenced by the world around me. I am a little obsessed with interior design. I love a neutral colour palette. I love texture. I love concrete. I love wood. I love white. I love and admire minimalism. Being mindful with the world around me, especially nature is a huge influence. And lastly, living a holistic lifestyle. Physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, intellectually. I make this connection with my photographs, it inspires my work and influences my creativity in a big way.

Reflection has been a hot topic especially these last couple of years. It certainly has been a huge thing for me. Personally and professionally. And so I made the decision to rebrand my business. I needed to take a step back. Take a breath. Take my time and really think about what I wanted my business to look like, and as a photographer, what did I want to offer my clients, and what does this look like?! A lot has changed since I started my little business a few years ago. Not just in my life, but the world around us. And so here it is. My little business, rebranded and excited for the future. And here I am.......

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