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Winter - Esther Nichols newborn photography

What I love about this time of year.

Cuddles with the kids under blankets galore. Fire roaring keeping the four of us toasty. The cats sleeping 22 hours a day. Eat, sleep, play and poop. That’s how it goes for our fur babies.

Hibernating and not feeling guilty about it. Classic films. Tom Cruise. Tom Hanks. Leo is up there somewhere too.

Crisp sharp air. Sun shining on a freezing day. Cosy jumpers, layers of socks, outrageous fluffy slippers I can’t be without. The morning frost, the spider webs shining in the morning sun. Cold hands, warm heart. That’s me through and through, whatever the season.

Christmas jumpers, twinkly lights, naughty food, red skies at night. Mornings are always a delight. Sleeping in, not in a rush. Waking up to a warm house, kids fighting, cats asking for their breakfast.

Games of Uno and Top Trumps, Lego building and craft. Competitions with the Scalextric. How I’ve loved filling our days with the simple things.

Walks along the sea front, eyes watering, sun blinding, the sea crashing onto the shoreline. Can’t beat that fresh sea air. Fish and chips, 2p machines.

Watching the aerobic starlings soar the sky, hundreds of them, dancing the same dance. I could watch them all day.

Good morning to my winter bulbs, everyday without fail. All snug as a bug in their butler sink. Growing beautifully, preparing to shine.

The days maybe cold and dark but the sun has been reborn. The Winter Solstice has come and gone. An ending and a new beginning. It is time for some much-needed quiet and inner nourishment. Mother Nature is asking us to reflect, recalibrate, and strengthen our ability to shine.

Late nights, late mornings, clearing out, getting organised for the year ahead. Starts to feel overwhelming, so another cuppa and a sit down before I think about putting the dinner on.

The simple life, the quiet life. That’s for me this time of year. I do look forward to fun things ahead, Spring and Summer and then Autumn again. But for now I will enjoy what is now. I will embrace it, I will go with the flow, I will enjoy laying low through these winter months. She says, optimistically, four days into January……

Happy New Year!

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