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You and Your New Baby with Esther Nichols Newborn Photography, Tunbridge Wells

In the first few days and weeks, your baby grows and changes so unbelievably fast. I capture timeless images that you and your family will enjoy and cherish throughout your lifetime and generations after you. I specialise in documenting those precious new baby days with my natural documentary style photography.

It is no secret that having a newborn can be an incredibly stressful time. Lack of sleep, recovering from giving birth. It’s overwhelming. It’s a time full of joy. It’s a time full of high emotions. Hearts bursting with love. If this is your first baby, then all of this is new to you— you are adapting to this new way of life. If you are adding to your little gang then you are adjusting to changes in the dynamics of your family. It’s a lot. Adding a photoshoot onto your list of things to do may feel like a step too far. You can take a lot of pictures yourself, thanks to the convenience of your camera phone, but it’s incredibly difficult to get a family portrait with everyone in it when you’re behind the camera! And oh my, you so deserve to be in front of the camera. Celebrating motherhood, celebrating fatherhood, celebrating the arrival of your newborn.

And, one day, in the not-so-distant future, your little one will just love looking at photographs of themselves as a new baby and also photographs of yourselves. It will make their little hearts burst! All that love oozing from your photographs. I document your moments, your emotions, that time in your life when you had just had a baby! It’s so worth capturing.

A lot of people may feel a little anxious about being in front of the camera. You’ve just given birth and you may not be feeling so comfortable. All I would say is as a professional photographer, I know the right angles and lighting to flatter everyone. These pictures will highlight the beautiful glow that comes along with this incredible time in your life. I’ll focus on taking photos from the most flattering angles and highlight the connection of your little family. You’ll be reminiscing on the best parts of the newborn phase and what they meant to your family—and these images will help capture that feeling forever.

Whether you are a new mum or adding to your tribe, you deserve to be in front of the camera recording this whirlwind time in your life. You and your new baby. You and your family. Your world. Without sounding like a hair advertisement, you are so worth it.

If you are interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Esther x

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