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Your Newborn Photographer

When pregnant with my first child Oliver, I stumbled across newborn photography. Already engrossed in the photography industry, photographing, well everything, something moved me about newborn photography. It was the simple fact that the first few weeks of your newborn goes by so unbelievably quickly. Each day your baby grows and changes, before you even realise, weeks and months have passed, and you will find them entering a new stage of their journey growing up.

Newborn Portraits will allow your family to continue to cherish and revisit those incredibly beautiful moments for years to come. Imagine going through together with your child looking at a collection of photographs of him or her and telling them about how much you fell in love with them, and together enjoying images of them from their newborn session. So, documenting through beautiful photographs of your new baby and family at this time is precisely the reason I decided to focus on newborn photography.

As a Professional photographer having invested in a photography education, plus hours and hours and hours spent photographing newborn babies, your photographs will capture your new baby and family in the most beautiful artistic quality.

Professional newborn photography requires a unique passion that enables me to capture your special moments. I am all about connection and so from the moment you choose me to be your photographer, this is a real focus of mine, so when it comes to your photoshoot, you are comfortable and have a great experience.

If you need help figuring out what you want from your newborn documentary photoshoot, drop me a line and I’d love to talk.

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